Date: 2010
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Today’s students face a variety of challenges in the digital world, from cyberbullying to online safety concerns. There are a host of issues that many adults never had to worry about when they were young. Today, many states are required to include online safety into their school curriculums. As a way to meet that state requirement, the Virginia Department of Education decided to release a series of apps to help educate kids about the challenges and dangers in the online world, by telling engaging stories through a familiar cartoon character, Garfield.

With this vision in hand, the Virginia Department of Education asked my firm to create these entertaining apps for use inside and outside the classroom. These apps included:

  • Professor Garfield – Cyberbullying
  • Professor Garfield – Online Safety
  • Professor Garfield – Fact or Opinion
  • Professor Garfield – Forms of Media

The Cyberbullying app alone quickly climbed to the #1 most downloaded educational app within a very short time after its release. These apps have been available for free and have been praised by educators and parents for their helpfulness.