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I’m a Boston-based Creative Director and Art Director specializing in product, software, engagement, UX/UI and creative vision. With over twenty years experience, my clients have included Children’s Television Workshop, LeapFrog, Hasbro, The Gap, Children’s Hospital Trust, the WWF (the wrestling people, not the the wildlife people), American Public Media, Scholastic, MacMillan/McGraw-Hill, Pokémon USA, The Girl Scouts of America, Noggin, and Nickelodeon Games. As Creative Director at Curriculum Associates, I’ve overseen the creation of learning materials and digital experiences used by over 7 million American Students.

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I have twenty-plus years of experience leading and building creative teams and departments. I have proven expertise bringing great ideas from inception to completion. I’m able to lead at all stages of production. I have extensive professional experience in UX/UI, illustration, digital animation, excellent typography skills, expertise in sound design, music, and digital video. I’m a deep strategic thinker with an lengthy record of successful product development. I’m able to work across functional disciplines. I’m looking for opportunities to take all my experiences and use them together to build future-facing, impactful products.

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CA Vocabulary Grades 3-5 Animation
Animation / Classroom / Creative Director / Design
Plory and Yoop Character Development
Animation / Branding / Classroom / Creative Director / Design / Illustration
My Little Pony Dot Com
Creative Director / Design / UX/UI
Curriculum Associates High Frequency Words
Classroom / Creative Director / Design / UX/UI
Plory and Yoop Intro
Animation / Branding / Classroom / Creative Director / Design
Pokémon Learning League
Animation / Classroom / Creative Director
Curriculum Associates Vocabulary Grades 3-5
Classroom / Creative Director / Design / UX/UI
Gap Jeans Fit Kiosk
Animation / Design / UX/UI
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Test Before You Leap

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