Date: 2015-2019
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As Curriculum Associates got ready to launch Plory and Yoop into schools, we realized we wanted a fun, upbeat and engaging way to introduce them to users. The answer seems obvious: THEME SONG!

We wanted to opening theme sequence to be bright, colorful, musical and energizing. We wanted it to be catchy and memorable, with a wide range of motion that felt almost more like a dance sequence than an opening or establishing piece.

As Creative Director on the project and working with the ace animation and creative firm Primal Screen, we storyboarded, created successively more polished animatics, and then rough, fine and final cuts of an animated sequence we’re really proud of.

Incidentally, in addition to being the Creative Director of the product, I wrote the music for the Plory and Yoop theme song, and play all the instruments on the musical track. It was a really fun time that I will always look back on with joy.