Date: 2011-2012
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a popular television show airing on The Hub. The show not only appeals to young girls but, much to the surprise of the network, also appeals to many adult men. These older fans are called “Bronies”. The Hub thought the Brony community might enjoy engaging with the My Little Pony brand through Facebook, and thus The Fabulous Ponymaker was born.

This Facebook activity allows the user to create and outfit one-of-a-kind ponies that can be shared with friends through integration with Facebook’s photo album feature. This creativity tool is loaded with interchangeable hats, dresses, shoes, scarfs, jewelry, and accessories – allowing for more than 9.3 septillion different pony combinations.

My role was to lead the development team, create the layout, look and feel, and oversee the creation of all items to fit onto the pony ‘rig’ as intended, as well as liaison with our client and maintain the schedule.