Date: 2011
Company: HASBRO
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In choosing a vendor to create the main website for My Little Pony, one of its flagship properties, Hasbro knew that my firm would have both the technical and creative chops to get the job done. Hasbro recognized our knowledge of their brand and what makes it work, and that we also have the web experience to design a high-volume site.

For, we knew that achieving the correct balance was a requirement. The site needed to advertise the brand to children in an appropriate way, but it also needed an arena to promote My Little Pony merchandise.

Users can quickly access videos, games, printables, and the Hasbro online toy shop straight from the home page. A large brand-focused area also allows Hasbro to easily feature special content, such as upcoming episodes or campaigns, that are of interest to the Pony community.

I was directly in charge of all visual design, as well as game creation and management designers and web developers.