Date: 2010
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McGraw Hill came to my firm looking for a developer of electronic materials to bolster its CINCH Mathematics offerings. It was looking for a developer that had experience with clean, elegant simple interactives, a well as familiarity with interactive white board and mobile.

For the interactive white board portions of CINCH, we were sure to design around some of the functional requirements of the technology. The typically low light projection setting most IWB projects are shown in requires that any visuals presented are of high contrast. Strong color and typography are key. The project also required a large amount of information to shown onscreen at once, often in complex variations. This required strict design and typographic templates be rigorously enforced to ensure that display of the curricular material matched the client’s expectation. Last, as these interactives were curricular, the visuals had to be developed in a way that was driven by the educational requirements of the media. The design needed to always enhance, and never impede, the educational goals.