Date: 2008
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Macmillan/McGraw-Hill came to my team looking for an interactive multimedia development vendor with elementary school science expertise to develop a series of Flash-based eReview modules for integration into their 2008 California Science Companion Website. Each one of the 158 eReview modules had a parallel lesson in the print Student’s Edition Textbook for grades 1-6.
We were given source materials from the print textbooks that were then converted into Powerpoint presentations. The team also recorded and edited 16 hours of voiceover audio in our in-house studio. With the now-digital source material and the audio, my team created both interactive Flash files for the Companion Website, as well as a non-interactive DVD.
Less than a year later, Macmillan McGraw-Hill needed an additional version of the product as a companion to their National curriculum textbooks. Taking a slightly different approach this time, my team initiated the creation of a series of Flash modules that allowed for rapid assembly of over 250 lessons in half of the time of the previous iteration of the project, with improved functionality.