Date: 2007

Disney-Pixar’s Ratatouille was one of the biggest box office successes and highest-profile movies of 2007. LeapFrog knew they needed their game version to be as exciting and above all fun as it could be. LeapFrog hired my firm to be sure that the accompanying Leapster® Learning Game would be up to the task.

Users can follow Remy through the streets, sewers and restaurants of Paris as he works to achieve his dream of becoming a great chef. Children learn a little bit about life in the kitchen as they collect recipes and grow their vocabulary and language arts skills. With an emphasis on excellent game play without compromising educational content, Leapster® Learning Game: Ratatouille teaches phonetic skills, word building, matching and food awareness. Featuring the authentic voices for Remy, Emile and Linguini, 360KID sought to recreate the Ratatouille experience on the Leapster® platform.

The nature of the device involved entailed special development challenges. The relatively low processor speed inherent on any kids’ handheld device required making every moving pixel count.  In addition, a special emphasis on optimization and technical innovation was necessary. I was able to lead a team able to meet these challenges while creating a full and engaging experience that draws children into the world of the movie.

Leapster® Learning Game: Ratatouille has enjoyed excellent sales success. says of Leapster® Learning Game: Ratatouille “…I can confirm that Ratatouille is the most fun I have had with a Leapster title to date,” and “Ratatouille was built with entertaining gameplay in mind, and the developers nailed it right on the head.”