Date: 2008

Leapster Game: Creature Create allows a child to explore logic, directionality and creativity through a creature friend they themselves create from sets of arms, legs, ears, noses, mouths, eyes, wings and more. From scores of possible pieces translating to hundreds of potential monsters, users construct a friend that follows them to participate in educational activities and games. User’s control the creature’s animation and the environments their creature exist in; they even choose a pet for each creature. Given the complexity of tracking and managing so many moving pieces, LeapFrog knew they needed a developer with excellence in game development, as well as complex engineering and top-flight graphic development.

Leapster Game: Creature Create has enjoyed great success in the marketplace and among critics, winning a 2007 iParenting Media Oustanding Product Award for “Best Toy,” and a 2007 Parents’ Choice Foundation Small Screen Award.

I was directly in charge of all art and animation direction and UI design, working with developers and multiple animators and artists.