Date: 2010
Company: 360KID

Kero my Hero! Introducing Kero, a most hungry frog that will keep you and your child laughing again and again.

Help Kero catch enough flies for lunch! What are you waiting for? Kero needs your help.

Featuring bold colors, beautiful animations, a catchy soundtrack and fun-filled gameplay, kids ages 3 and up will have a blast helping our hungry froggy friend catch as many flies as possible — but don’t worry, no actual flies will be hurt as a result of this production. Get ready for some amphibian fun!

I was directly responsible for all creative, creating game designs, character designs, overseeing animation, background design and music as well as liaising with our technical pertners.

“Do you have a little boy in your house? If so then this app is for them. ” –The

Kero has been awarded a 2009 Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review.