Date: 2010

When ramping up to launch, Electronic Arts and Hasbro knew they wanted to take one of their evergreen properties and give it a makeover, including aging up the property where needed and making it more relevant to today’s children and gaming online.

EA hired my firm to re-imagine Clue for this purpose. Our approach was to merge the familiar characters and motifs of Clue with a gritty graphic novel storytelling approach, while keeping the core mechanic of the game, where users are required to use deductive reasoning to discover the culprit. The facelift was dramatic. No longer was Miss Scarlet merely a femme fatale counting on her appeal, she was now also a trained catburglar and adventurer. No longer was Professor Plum a bumbling literature professor, he was now a science savant whose robotic technology could threaten us all. Who done it? It could have been any of them…

I was directly in charge over creative direction, game design, wrote all copy and oversaw visual development. Character Iluustartions by the excellent George Pfromm (