Just Plain Fun

Amélie Graux is a Parisian Illustrator of children's books. We got one about eating recently for our daughter. Every page is sweet and beautiful. As an illustrator, Graux has a really great rhytm and weight to every drawing. The design of every drawing is lovely as well. There aren't any sample pages of her books on her portfolio webstite, but it's very much worth the look...


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George Pfromm is Boston-based illustrator, animator, and cartoonist. I don't know anyone who's a better action and adventure illustrator or who's better with a brush pen. The fact that he happens to be a helluva guy and a joy to work with is an added bonus. George is a real student of illustration: a terrific and fearless draftsman with a flair for dramatic visuals most pros would be too intimidated to try. His cities of the future were born in a foward thinking past.

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